Our Services are a combination of One-to-one appointments, Group Courses,Online Learning, Online Analyses and Sports Science Research at University of Chichester.  One-to-one appointments include; BodyMOT Lifestyle Analysis, Acupuncture, Kinesiotaping, Biomechanics Coaching, Physical Therapy and Sports Massage, and vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours.  Group Courses have a maximum of 10 attendees, are structured around the science of Biomechanics and Physical Therapy, and are ran quarterly throughout the year.  Our BodyMOT Coach Academy hosts over 20 singular modules each giving a Coach/Trainer/Client the 'tools' to improve health and wellbeing.  We have 10 Online Assessments each designed to help improve quality of health and maximise wellbeing.
To allow individuals the ability to move & engage through desired range of motion (ROM) or a task without pain, discomfort nor errors in patterning, and for each Client to live life to the max.  
To continue research into the fundamentals of movement, anatomy and biomechanics in the hope to discover further Systems that unite the various disciplines of Therapy; including manual screening, treatment and corrective exercise prescription.
To remain accessible Worldwide with continued development of all Online Systems.