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Body Systems Program

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You wouldn't start a diet without weighing yourself, would you? Then why embark on a health, fitness and lifestyle improvement programme without knowing your body's starting point? The fact is, for any health, fitness or lifestyle programme to really succeed, you need to know where you are now to know how to get to where you want to be. ONLY CONDUCTED BY BODYMOT COACHES
  • It’s amazing isn’t it? We’ll have our car serviced/certified every year to ascertain its condition. And we’ll have our heating boiler given its annual service to ensure it’s working correctly. However, when it comes to our most important asset - our body - we rarely, if ever, have it put through a full health and fitness check with the help of a trained and qualified professional.  We rarely, if ever, put ourselves through a full health and fitness check with the expert and objective help of a trained and qualified professional. But wouldn't it be fantastic to have a method of highlighting and preventing potential illnesses and injuries now rather than having to cure and repair them later.

    BodyMOT Coaches are the only fully qualified Coaches to conduct a Body Systems Analysis and Programme generation.  The Body Systems testing equipment is mobile and therefore available to everyone.  BodyMOT Systems brings together 25 key tests, measurements, comparisons and lifestyle analyses. These range from factors such as postural alignment, muscular strength and endurance to body fat, blood pressure and resting heart rate checks.

    Our tests include;
    • Blood Pressure
    • ECG (Echocardiogram)
    • Metabolic Rate
    • Endocrine System; Liver, Kidney
    • Blood Lactate
    • Blood Glucose
    • Blood Triglycerides
    • Blood Cholesterol
    • Biomechanical Screening
    • Body Mass Index
    • Body Composition (Impedance Testing)
    • Mobility and Flexibility
    • Muscular Strength & Endurance
    • Lifestyle Questionnaire
    • Medical History
    • Weight
    • Height
    • Lung Function
    • PH Levels
    • Vision
    Outcome of the Appointment
    • Personal Health Report
    • Exercise Plan
    • Corrective Biomechanics Programme
    • Nutritional Plan
    The BodyMOT Lifestyle Analysis is designed to ensure that you are comfortable with all the tests and understand the reasons to ‘why’ we are completing certain tests and ‘how’ these might be or already are influencing your present or future health.

    Your BodyMOT Test will result in one of two findings:

    PASS - ‘Fit for Purpose’ meaning you’re OK for life and living. You will be given a BodyMOT Systems Ltd TM BT20 Certificate and your next appointment for a further check up in a year.

    FAIL - ‘At Risk Referral’ meaning there is a danger of you suffering from an illness or injury. One of our professionals will prescribe the necessary lifestyle changes and then you’ll be booked in for a retest in two or three months time.

    Not all fitness professionals are the same, a BodyMOT specialist delivers a real difference
    Your run of the mill personal trainers only learn the bare essentials to enable them to practice. They don't learn or use clinical tests, such as those for your blood, ECG, urine and a host of others. Nor do they learn how to analyse the results of these tests. Nor do they know how to advise you on nutritional changes to your diet that can optimise your health and lifestyle, possibly enabling you to avoid taking medication with its often harmful side-effects.

    Choice and flexibility come as standard
    You can opt to undertake either an online or personal 1:1 BodyMOT Test at a time and place to suit you. The latter is ideal for alerting you to potential problems that may need further explanation, including possible hereditary disorders. Whichever solution you choose, our aim is to give you maximum convenience.

    In addition, and for greater cost efficiency, you can opt in to or out of a detailed portfolio of your results, including the changes recommended to enhance and optimise your health and lifestyle.
    Download the important prerequisite  
    Please read and ensure you follow the rules to your Lifestyle Analysis.
     0800 3800 603 to book your appointment
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Reviewer: M.Andreou from Eastleigh   5 Stars
I was totally amazed by what a BodyMOT Lifestyle Analysis revealed. As a student of Osteopathy and a highly qualified Physical Therapist I knew my body wasn’t quite functioning as well as it could be. I convinced myself a full BodyMOT Lifestyle Analysis would help identify a few areas that could help get back to feeling great again. Jo was phenomenal in her approach, explained every test clearly and spoke about the reasons why the test was important to overall health. After the BodyMOT Lifestyle Analysis was complete, time was taken to explain the findings and an action plan was created and agreed; making everything simple and easy to understand the entire process has a well thought out and logical approach to health. I can highly recommend having this done and for anyone who is serious about improving their health this is a MUST. I look forward to making to the changes and feeling the improvements from getting back to optimal health.