We have all encompassing systems to meet your body's needs for longevity: Make an investment in your future.
BodyMOT Systems come with a private 'Plan of Action' specific to you;

 Body Systems Programme (Lifestyle Analysis) - 1:1 or Online

 Online Stress Analysis

 Online Metabolic Typing Analysis

 Online Sleep Analysis

 WellWoman Seminar

 Online GetReal Programme


Reverse degeneration with Nutritional Science that has won the Albert Einstein Award for 'Outstanding Achievement in Life Sciences'.

 Bespoke Nutritional Plans

 Supplmentation Programme Packs

 You are WHAT you eat Online Analysis and You are WHEN you eat Online Analysis

 Fungus and Parasites Online Analysis

 Digestion and Absorbtion

 Online Food Diary Assessment

Physical Training

Train like the best, in an environment specific to you and your needs.  

Our 'systems' are proven to optimise your training time with the desired outcome.

 Training Prescription Online

 3 Minute Aerobic Test

 Ramp Test


Is it the 'cause' or 'effect'?  Let us find the missing-link to your pain.

We have helped thousands of people maintain their Performance Continuum by identifying their biomechanical link to dysfunction.

 IMoveFreely Online Training Programme

Biomechanics Coaching

Sports Massage



Online Education

Reading Research

Blood Pressure

Occupational Health

Health and Wellness Workshops

Biomechanics Coaching Pilot Study

Wellness Pilot Study

Ergonomic Consultancy

Occupational Health Breakfast Club

Biomechanics Coaching Diploma

Biomechanics Trainer

Biomechanics Instructor

Health and Wellness Consultancy

Online Wellness Programmes

Wellness Days

Health Bank

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