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Sleep Analysis

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Links between obesity and a lack of sleep have been found by reliable scientific studies.  Two hormones that control appetite are depleted by sleep deprivation, leading to an increase in appetite which can contribute to obesity.  This is not only a new factor to consider within the dia-obesity population, but one to also consider with a pro-active approach.

REF: PENEV, P.D., 2012. Update on energy homeostasis and insufficient sleep.  
The Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology And Metabolism 2012 Jun; Vol. 97 (6), pp. 1792-801. 2012 Mar 22.

Do you struggle to get to sleep?
Do you fall asleep easily and then wake up wide awake during the dark hours of the night?
Are you a shift worker struggling with your circadian rhythms?
Do you have a busy head and nothing you do will give you the peace you rightly need during your sleep cycle? 

Using the most tried and tested system of analysis, this online sleep analysis questionnaire will guide the BodyMOT systems team to support and direct you to the most perfects night sleep.

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Sleep Analysis

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